Ready for a Happier Life?

“The Phenomenal Mature Woman Journey to a Happier Life” will lead to better quality living and a more happy, balanced life! 

You will become more positive and optimistic through empowering and passionate conversations!


Happy mature woman of color

The Phenomenal Mature Woman Journey to a Happier Life is a group for women who want:

A group of women of color together as friends

Have you ever woken up and had an overwhelming feeling of "Where has the time gone???"

You began to think...

"I live a good life, but am I truly living a life I love?"

We all feel the effect of time in our life and those effects can sometimes create feelings of urgency.

What's next?
What more can I do?
Where can I go?

These are mindset questions we focus on in "The Journey to a Happier Life Mature Woman Group!" Let's focus together!

Welcome! I'm K. Simone Farmer


I’ve been an essential healthcare worker for over 25 years. Through my work I have been afforded many opportunities to meet women of all ages and ethnicities.

Women who are at different crossroads in their lives desiring to live a more happy, healthy life.

I’m a lover of healthy, happy living and I believe it’s a lifestyle culture that needs to be created, cultivated and nurtured.

I want all women to live a phenomenal happy life!

We offer seminars and workshops that will help women create the lifestyle culture they want and deserve.

The goal of The Phenomenal Mature Women Journey to a Happier Life Group is to help you connect to your inner-self, overcome challenges, improve yourself, set and achieve personal goals!

K. Simone Farmer

The Phenomenal
Mature Woman

who she is...

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A socially-empowered person can achieve so much greatness, basically because of the people that gravitate towards her positive energy. 

She earns the trust and all-out support of the people. 

She can do anything with a supporting tribe behind her. 

She knows how to maximize her social potential!

Self-empowerment is making a general overhaul in your life and turning yourself into a happier and more successful person. You just have to know how to start.


The Phenomenal Mature Woman Journey to a Happier Life Group

We're here to help you integrate home/life balance with personal relaxation to achieve a happier life!

We believe a positive and optimistic mindset will lead to a better version of YOU!

Now is the time to make life changes for a better YOU! We want to be a part of your transformation! This group is a great opportunity for you to grow and succeed in building a stronger foundation for a happier life!

You are in control of YOUR life!

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Answers to some of your questions...

Currently our events are held periodically throughout the southeast.
Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana

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